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When disposing of your van, you need a wrecker that specialises in vans. The reason is simply that vans have twice the weight as most cars. You want a wrecker that pays you what your vehicle is worth. And, one that doesn’t charge you for your van removal. Car Wrecker Melbourne specialises in van wrecking. We offer our customers up to $5999 instant cash and free van removals. Our cash for vans in Sunshine, Geelong, Balarat, Frankston and Victoria Wide are the best you’ll find anywhere. We handle all aspects of van removals, including giving you the best value on your van wrecking.

We are a fully licensed and insured van removal company that pays cash on the spot. Give us a call to get the best price on your van no matter what the make or model, age or condition. We are the expert van buyers and wreckers that guarantee a fast and profitable van removal.

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Van Wreckers Melbourne

At Car Wrecker Melbourne, it is our business to offer the best in van buying, removals and disposals. Our van wreckers have years of experience in the business and have the expertise to dismantle and recycle a vehicle 100 percent. When we pick up a vehicle that is otherwise worthless, we recycle the vehicle to resell the parts as reconditioned parts and the steel as new steel. Our process puts cold hard cash in the hands of vehicle owners who might otherwise have to pay to have someone come to them to remove their unwanted or salvage van.

As expert wreckers, there isn’t a make and model of van we won’t take:

Ford Vans, Toyota Vans, Nissan Vans, Mitsubishi Vans, Mercedes-Benz Vans and Every Other Make of Van On and Off the Market

Our wrecking system is simple. You simply allow us to remove your van, which we will pay up to $5999 cash on the spot at the time we arrive to remove your van. We then take the van to our wrecking yard where our expert van wreckers Melbourne go to work recycling all the parts and steel of the vehicle. We then resell and reuse the parts and steel. Our disposal system is one that is detailed, but the concept is one that is quite clear. We don’t waste any part of the vehicle. We recycle it 100 percent to ensure an eco-friendly disposal. It is a process that has helped to bring us to the top of the list in car removal and disposal companies that pay top cash.

Free Van Removals Melbourne

At Car Wrecker Melbourne, our van removals are always free. We accept and buy, (we put the cash in your hand at the time we remove your vehicle), all conditions of vans:

Used, Salvage, Scrap, Accident, Damaged, Flooded, Fire, Wrecked, Broken, High Mileage, Mechanical Problems, Junk, Low Mileage, Etc.

We take a great deal of pride in serving all suburbs in Melbourne like Sunshine, Geelong, Balarat and Frankston with quality van removals that leave cash in the vehicle owner’s hand. Get up to $5999 on your unwanted or salvage van removal Victoria Wide.

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For a fast, friendly and high paying van removal, give Car Wrecker Melbourne a call. We are a van removal company that specialises in van wrecking of every make and model. We offer same day van removals to Sunshine, Geelong, Balarat, Frankston and Victoria Wide. Just contact us at the number below or look up to the right of this page to complete our “Instant Cash Appraisal” form.

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