UTE Wrecker Melbourne

When your utility vehicle, i.e. Ute, is ready for the wrecker, give Car Wrecker Melbourne a call. We are the number 1 Ute wrecker in Melbourne, serving Victoria Wide with free Ute removals that pay up to $5999. Our cash for Utes is a concept that sounds just too simple to be true. But, it is. You simply call us and tell us about your Ute. With one call, we can offer you up to $5999 instant cash. Give us a call as we always find value in a Ute!

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Car Wrecker Melbourne is an established Ute removal company with many years in the business. We offer our customers the peace of mind of being a licensed and insured Ute buyer, parts distributor and a wrecker that pays instant cash at the time we remove your vehicle. Whether in Sunshine, Geelong, Frankston or Balarat or anywhere else in Melbourne, give us a call at the number above. You are not obliged to take us up on our offer. In fact, we recommend that you obtain multiple offers.

Ute Wreckers Melbourne

Ute owners don’t have to go far to get a free ute removal when they call Car Wrecker Melbourne. We are the professional Ute removal company in Melbourne that pays good cash for Utes of every condition, even those that are no longer worthy for the road. We accept and buy utes that have been neglected for years, in an accident, have mechanical problems and even those that are in resellable condition. We pay up to $5999 instant cash and don’t make the selling process one that is a headache. While we don’t require you to be responsible for any repairs or fixes, or even a sales contract, we do require the title of ownership to the vehicle and your Photo ID. With that, we will put our cash offer amount in your hand.

Most vehicle owners don’t pass up the chance to generate some cash on their unwanted Ute. We have designed our cash for utes system, so it is the sheer ease. You simply let us know some details about your vehicle like the make, model, age, condition and odometer reading and we’ll give you a cash offer. You can live anywhere in Melbourne, and we’ll come to you and remove your vehicle for free.

Ute owners that have a vehicle that needs to be wrecked, such as one that is in accident condition, scrap condition, fire condition, flooded condition, mechanical problem condition, etc. don’t have the concern of disposing of the vehicle. We are Ute Wreckers that totally recycle Utes. We strip the vehicle of all the old parts and recycle those parts, allowing us to resell the parts as reconditioned parts. We then crush the steel of the vehicle and resell the steel. This eco-friendly disposal system allows us to pay vehicle owners Victoria Wide up to $5999 instant cash.

Get a Cash Offer on Your Unwanted Ute Melbourne

To get a top cash offer on your unwanted or salvage ute of any condition:

1. Call us at
2. Fill out our “instant appraisal” form located on this page. Once we have the information we require, we will provide you with a cash offer you simply accept or reject? Does it sound like an amazing way to sell your unwanted Ute of any condition? It is! And, we are proud to say, it is our way at Car Wrecker Melbourne.

We offer same day ute removals to all suburbs in Melbourne- Sunshine, Frankston, Geelong, Balarat and Victoria Wide.

Utes of every condition are our specialty at Car Wrecker Melbourne. Give us a call for a cash offer and free ute removal Victoria Wide today.

Call us at 0435 466 577