June 5, 2018

Dispose of Your Car in Melbourne in An Eco-Friendly Way

There is a way to dispose of a car in Melbourne in an eco-friendly manner. Car Wreckers Melbourne offers the following information on eco-friendly disposals of cars.

Disposing of Your Car in An Eco-friendly Way

Firstly, that old car of yours likely has a part or two under its hood that can be pulled and resold. That is cash right there. Secondly, disposing of your car in an eco-friendly way means having the car recycled. That old car is filled with metals that can be recycled for cash. Recycling your car also means that its disposal is leaving a small carbon imprint on the environment and not the drastic damage that disposing of a car in a landfill does.

Disposing of Your Car with Car Wreckers Melbourne

While Car Wreckers Melbourne is a wrecker in Melbourne that buys cars to pull parts from the engine, we don’t let the cars sit on an open plot contaminating the environment. We also recycle cars, recycling all metals of the cars and paying the car owners cash for their cars. So, when you have us buy your car to dispose of, you are paid cash for the car and provided with courtesy wreckers and recyclers that get the most value from your car.

Selling Your Car to Us

When you sell your car to us, all you need to do is the request for a quote and accept the cash price we offer you for your car for sale. Quotes are easy to obtain as our appraisers make cash offers for quotes over the phone and online. If you like the cash price we offer, then all that is necessary is to accept the quote. You are not required to bring the car to us, nor are you required to prep the car in any manner. Simply clear out your personal belongings in the car, and park or move the car into a spot where our tow truck can access the car.

When you choose us as your car recycler, you have eco-friendly disposal for your car that is convenient. Get a Top Cash offer from Car Wreckers Melbourne by calling us at the number below. Obtain an online quote by visiting our homepage and completing our “Get a Quote” form.

Get top cash for your car by calling us at 0435 466 577.