January 30, 2017

When Does Your Car Become A Wreck

This may sound like a simple question, but most people in MELBOURNE don’t have an idea about when exactly their cars are considered Wrecks. The basic principle is that if the cost of repairs is higher than the value of the car in the “restored” condition, then it has become a wreck. At this stage, the car will continue gobbling up your resources without offering you with any meaningful services. The ideal thing to do then would be to sell it to the Car Wreckers in Melbourne in exchange of instant cash.

However, the above explanation, though true, is a simplistic explanation of how a car can become a wreck. To understand it fully, it is vital to delve into the specific instances or the actual conditions that may transpire to make the cost of repairs greater than the value of the restored car. They include but not limited to the following-:

Major Accidents

Actually, the accidents don’t have to be major for the car to become a wreck. If you already have a clunker, a minor damage may be enough to end its life and sign it a ticket to the Car Wreckers in Melbourne. A new vehicle on the other hand could become a wreck if it gets involved in a severe accident and the insurance carrier refuses to do the repairs because they think it’s not worth it. At that point, the car will be issued with a salvage title and it can be sold as a wreck or salvage to one of the many Wreckers in Melbourne.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters, such as floods in Melbourne, can also turn a well functioning car into wreck. Though not so common, the aftermath of such disasters can leave the vehicle in a dilapidated condition, especially if it was swept away by the floods to other parts of the city. Since most insurance companies still do not cover such risks, the best solution for the car owner would be to Dispose of the Car as a Wreck in Melbourne.

Old Age

The lifespan of cars run into tens of years, but it reaches a point when they become too old to be operated. Unless you intend to keep it as a classic, you will probably consider exchanging it for cash, especially if it has become so old that attracting a new decent buyer would become a problem. There are lots of ‘Cars for Cash companies in Melbourne’ willing to purchase such vehicles at relatively good rates.

Sell your Old Car in Melbourne Now

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