January 31, 2018

Why Is My Car Squealing When I Turn the Wheel

If you are having troubles with your car noises when you turn its steering wheel, it could be some issues. Car Wrecker Melbourne offers the following information.

Causes of a squealing noise

One of the most common causes of a squealing noise when turning the steering wheel of the car is that it is low on power steering fluid. The fluid is responsible for powering and lubricating conventional power steering systems, and when it is low, it can squeal. Regularly check the fluid to ensure that it is at its correct level and replace it when necessary. When the fluid becomes contaminated by dirt or debris, it will also need to be replaced, and could also lead to a squealing noise. If the power steering pump is failing, it can also make a squealing noise. If, when you add power steering fluid to the car the noise doesn’t stop, it will be necessary to take the car to the mechanic.

If the issue is the steering component or suspension losing lubrication, squeaking or squealing noise when the steering wheel is turning. The universal joints, ball joints, seals, and tie rod end all require lubrication, and when they are dried out, a noise may be heard. Again, it will be necessary to take the car to the mechanic.

Check the steering wheel

The steering wheel housing may also be the problem if it is rubbing against the interior trim. During the hot months, materials can enlarge, and gaps close. In cases such as this, it may be necessary to take the car to the dealer or a local body repair shop.

Lastly, the noise you are hearing when turning the steering wheel may be the tyres. If you experience the noise when you drive on certain types of surfaces the noise is likely the tyres.

When having the trouble of a squealing steering wheel, turn off the car and check to see if it makes the noise. If it is, start your troubleshooting by checking the level of the power steering fluid, If that does not eliminate the noise, take the car to your local mechanic.

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