Car Removals Melbourne

Car Wrecker Melbourne pays top dollar for your old, wrecked or unwanted car removal. When you sell your old cars or vehicles to us, you are assured your vehicle is disposed of in an environmental friendly way as we recycle and reuse as much of the vehicle as possible. With no cost to remove your vehicle, you get the most from your unwanted car which can put up to $5999 cash in your pocket.

We accept junk wrecked, damaged, broken and even vehicles that run in any make or model including:

• Holden
• Toyota
• Ford
• Audi

Whether you have a 4×4, van, car, ute, commercial van, or any other type of vehicle we are the car removals Melbourne you can count on no matter what the condition of your vehicle, whether foreign or domestic.

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With Our Cash for Cars System, We Buy…

  • Broken Dow Cars and Vehicles
  • Incomplete Cars and Vehicles
  • Blown Cars and Vehicles
  • Rusted Cars and Vehicles
  • Damaged Cars and Vehicles
  • Wrecked Cars and Vehicles
  • New Cars and Vehicles

How Our Car Removals Melbourne System Works

Our car removals Melbourne system is simple and carefree and can begin here online. To receive a free, non-obligational quote on your unwanted car simply complete our “Instant Online Quote” form located on this page. We are also available via telephone at 0435 466 577.
Should you decide you like our quote price for your unwanted car and would like Car Wrecker Melbourne to come pick it up and put the cash in your hand simply follow the steps below.

  •  Arrange a time that is convenient for you for us to come to your location to remove you unwanted car Melbourne.
  •  Gather the title of ownership to your vehicle, (which we will need for a legal sale), the keys to your vehicle and make a duplicate copy of your photo ID.
  • Sign the sales contract, which we will provide you with (as well as a duplicate copy) when we arrive, and the deal is done! We instantly put the cash in your hands and haul away your unwanted, vehicle.

To get rid of your unwanted car, wrecked car, scrap car, damaged cars, commercials or 4x4s, contact Car Wrecker Melbourne to get top dollar for your car and an easy, convenient service that is always prompt and reliable. Our removals are top rate, and will arrive in custom removal vehicles designed for easy car removals no matter where your vehicle is located in Melbourne, or in your yard! We do all the heavy work- loading, hauling, unloading and disposing of your vehicle so there is no hassle and no headache to you, nor is there any upset to your property. And, you have the peace of mind that your vehicle and all its parts is recycled or reused as much as possible as we practice green standards in each car removal Melbourne.

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If you are ready to get your wrecked car, unwanted car, damaged car, scrap car, commercial or 4×4 out of your yard, then get started today with Car Wrecker Melbourne. Simply complete our “online quote form” located here on this page and we’ll instantly provide you with the best price for your scrap car removal. We pay up to $5999, on the spot, for your unwanted car removal.

Our service is fast and flexible, and there’s never any work on your part, nor is there ever a charge for our removals to haul away you old or non-operational clunker.



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